State of Die Bayern: player evaluations for 2013-14
power rankings
State of Die Bayern: player evaluations for 2013-14

FC Bayern player evaluations for 2013-14: I am replacing the power rankings with a final evaluation of the players this season. This one includes the coach at the end.

All players get a grade, even if they didn’t play a huge role.

The “status” at the end of each evaluation is a recommendation. Keep, extend, loan and sell each have their own meanings.


8.5: Manuel Neuer
Still the finest keeper in the world. He had a very good season until the game against Real Madrid, when his nervousness showed through a number of mistakes. It probably was a consequence of what went wrong in March and April. But we all know he will pick himself up, to bounce back.

Status: 5 years left. Keep.

7: Lukas Raeder
When Tom Starke and Manuel Neuer got injured simultaneously, many fans freaked out. Yet, Raeder showed that he was made for top flight football, earning his stripes with a big club despite the pressure. Has the potential of a starter if he develops further.

Status: contract expires. Sell with buyback clause.

7.5: Tom Starke
He got injured at the worst possible moment. A good keeper who keeps delivering whenever he is called upon.

Status: one year left. Keep.

Central defenders

7.5: Dante
The Brazilian international struggled for most of the season, but he showed strength when receiving central midfield support from Javi Martinez. He is far from finished, but has showed that he cannot pull off miracles if exposed too often.

Status: 3 years left. Keep

7: Daniel van Buyten
He hasn’t done incredibly well defensively, but with proper support, he can still step in when other guys get injured. This kind of role player still has value in a team, and he can also come in as emergency striker for headers.

Status: contract expiring. Extend.

8: Jérôme Boateng
He had a very good first half, but has struggled in the second half for the same reasons than Dante. But he also showed flashes of brilliance in the late stages, delivering decisive long balls and fitting well in a 3-something formation against Dortmund.

Status: 4 years left. Keep

N/A: Holger Badstuber
Holger has finally recovered from his cruciate ligament re-rupture. He’s only 23 and we know how much class he has. He needs match practice to get back to his normal playing level.

Status: 3 years left. Loan until January


7.5: Rafinha
Our most improved player, who can start against any Bundesliga team but Dortmund and any Champions League opponent until a quarter-final. As long as you don’t play him in the wrong games, he can help the team greatly.

Status: 3 years left. Keep

7.5: David Alaba
Irregular and not always motivated. I expected him to have a huge year. Flashes or brilliance is rather all we saw.

Status: 4 years left. Keep and add competition.

9: Philipp Lahm
If you look up “dependable” in the dictionary, you see his photo next to the word. Lahm gave the defence more composure when he was brought back to right-back, where he is the best in the world. He belongs there, unless he is used at left-back with Rafinha on the right…

Status: 2 years left. Extend.

6: Diego Contento
This guy doesn’t belong to FC Bayern. The few games he played, he offered little. He missed routine passes. He failed to show any improvement since 2010.

Status: 2 years left. Sell.

Central midfielders

8.5: Javi Martinez
Javi Martinez may be becoming the most important piece of the puzzle in Bayern’s defence. Criminally under-used until the defeat against Madrid, he was finally restored to his DM position after that. And made the centerpiece of a defensive formation against Dortmund. With great success.

Status: 3 years left. Extend.

8: Bastian Schweinsteiger
Injured for a few months, he impressed when coming back and subsequently slowed down dangerously, perhaps because of Javi’s absence next to him. Here’s a guy who may need to have a good World Cup to restore confidence. But still extremely valuable.

Status: 2 years left. Keep

7: Pierre-Émile Højbjerg
Among the youngsters, he is the closest to top flight football. He has impressed with versatility in the league and by playing well against Dortmund despite being out of position.

Status: 2 years left. Keep.

Attacking midfielders

8.5: Thiago Alcantara
He made a terrible first impression with his defensive weaknesses and with a less-than-diplomatic comparison between Bayern and Barcelona players during an interview. But he became a key player in the passing game until he got injured. A good fit within Pep’s system.

Status: 3 years left. Keep.

8: Franck Ribéry
Stellar first half, among the best players in Europe. But performances dipped in the second half. Has shown the bad side of his personality in the late stages. He deserved being benched in the final month. Franck can do better than that, if he’s disciplined.

Status: 3 years left. Keep.

9.5: Arjen Robben
The most important player in the team for the whole season. He showed up in the big moments, played incredibly well even when his mates did not. He scored the Pokal-winning goal against Dortmund.

Status: 3 years left. Keep.

7: Xherdan Shaqiri
Sometimes good, sometimes poor. Xherdan is one of those players who cannot just jump in once in a while and excel. He has great talent but he needs to develop before he can start with a team like Bayern.

Status: 2 years left. Loan.

8.5: Mario Götze
He needs to perform a bit more regularly than he did, having had a few quiet spells. But Götze is the future on the left wing, able to deliver greatness in the big games.

Status: 3 years left. Extend.

6: Mitchell Weiser
Good in training camp and preseason but not mature enough for a team such as FC Bayern. He was the worst player on the pitch against Augsburg. He could develop better in a mid-table Bundesliga side.

Status: one year left. Sell.

7.5: Thomas Müller
A real trooper despite his misuse as a striker, but his fitness may have not been up to par in the late stages of the season. Still, he was one of the rare sparks when the team played badly in April.

Status: 3 years left. Keep.

7.5: Toni Kroos
When you ask for more money, you have to show you are worth it. Kroos was dominant in February but he played a less important role as time passed, sometimes not even deserving to start. This is disappointing because he is a rare talent.

Status: one year left. Keep.


8: Mario Mandzukic
Many fans turned against him due to reported misconduct. I’d say that you don’t need to act like that… if treated properly by the coach and club. Mandzukic hasn’t been used properly this season, even though his scoring rate was high up there. His air game is much needed to alter the course of the passing game.

Status: 2 years left. Keep.

8: Claudio Pizarro
Benefiting from few starts, Claudio was happy to come in and deliver whenever Pep asked him to jump in. And he did so spectacularly.

Status: contract expires. Extend.

5: Patrick Weihrauch
A good talent, but he couldn’t do more than training camp.

Status: contract expires. Let him go on a free.


8.5: Pep Guardiola
He has delivered a double, but has made coaching mistakes in the run-up to a humiliating Champions League defeat. His stubborn exclusion of Javi Martinez and bad relations with Mario Mandzukic have tainted the season a little. Yet, he has shown surprising ability to adapt to an opponent in the Pokal final against Dortmund. Is this a sign of even better things to come?

Status: 2 years left. Keep.

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